You could be an Informer!

‘Informer’ – sounds very official doesn’t it? But, you’re probably wondering what an Informer is and what they do.

Well, there’s a new way of thinking about what jobs we’re suited to, and its focus is on skills rather than job titles. This approach is called ‘Job Clusters’ and one of the clusters is called ‘The Informers’.

What’s a job cluster?

Research from the Foundation for Young Australians has shown that when you train in one job, you actually gain skills that can be used in an average of 13 other jobs. This is great news as it means you’re probably skilled for more jobs that you realise, or at least you will be. Clusters are several jobs grouped together by skill set.

There are seven job clusters in total;

  • Informers (which we’ll talk about here)
  • Carers
  • Artisans
  • Generators
  • Coordinator
  • Designers and
  • Technologists


So, how does knowing my job cluster help me?

Firstly, knowing which job cluster your interests and skills fit with will help you decide what job suits you best. Plus, because the job clusters group together jobs by skill set, if you want to transfer to a different job you can see which ones might work best.

For example, if you worked as a learning assistant you’d be an Informer, and you could look at other Informer roles, like a bank worker or writer.


What skills does an Informer have?

Informers are great communicators. They love providing information, whether that’s through talking or writing.


What jobs are in the Informer cluster?

Industries that employ lots of Informers include education and training, professional and technical services.

If you’re an Informer, and starting out in the workforce, you might like to think about jobs in schools, museums, banks or media, like newspapers. Informers can also make good accountants and recruitment assistants.


How can jobs in the Informer cluster accommodate disability?

In all jobs employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate any needs you may have resulting from disability. People with certain disabilities may enjoy the interaction with people that Informer jobs offer. If you’re interested in an Informer role, CoAct can certainly help make it happen for you.


I think I’d make a good Informer, where do I start?

Your first stop should be our fun, quick ‘Find a job as unique as you’ quiz which will help figure out which job cluster is the best fit for you. You may find you’re not an Informer after all, perhaps you’re a Generator or an Artisan.

Whatever job cluster you fit in, CoAct will be able to help you with next steps to finding your perfect fit.

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