After working as a housekeeper for three months, Sharlette realised that she wanted to work in a job that would really challenge her.

A vacant position at a local engineering business became available and Sharlette’s Employment Consultant recommended that she apply for the job.

Sharlette wasn’t deterred by the fact that the engineering industry is male-dominated – so much so that the business owner had never even hired a female employee before! She was offered a one-week trial with the business and after impressing on her first day with her knowledge and experience in welding,

Sharlette was immediately offered an apprentice position with the company. Her employer was so pleased with her, noting “Sharlette is one of the best workers we’ve ever had and is already teaching the blokes a thing or two about how to do their jobs”.

Sharlette is now three months into her apprenticeship and loving the job more and more every day.

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