Support from the start

When Daniel registered as a job seeker with Youth Projects, he had completed year 9 but was lacking confidence and direction. Daniel was initially supported by his Transitions Coach, Hannan, and after participating in the ‘Ready Set Job’ program, he landed a job in a call centre doing telesales, which he sustained for 12 months with the ongoing help of the Youth Projects team.

Daniel was very shy and unsure going into the job, but quickly adapted and built confidence in himself and his ability. Daniel also received very positive feedback from his employer.


Time for a change

After working in this position for 12 months, Daniel became a second-time customer of Youth Projects in February 2019 and was looking for a new direction and more opportunities. At first, Daniel was looking towards studying a pre-apprenticeship in Electro-technology.

Whilst Daniel was excited about becoming an electrician, he wasn’t sure if a trade was right for him. Just after he began studying, an opportunity for a Youth Cadetship’s in Administration Support for the Victorian Public Sector came up at Youth Projects.

Multiple Transition Coaches said that Daniel would be perfect for administrative and office support work. His new Transition Coach Thomas discussed the position with Daniel and he was very keen.


Preparing for success

Over the following weeks, Daniel and Thomas worked weekly to tailor his resume and prepare him for a possible phone interview. Understandably, Daniel was feeling very nervous to undergo what was an intensive recruitment process.

But with Thomas’ encouragement and support, Daniel was now feeling “confident in his abilities because of the work experience he had from the last time he was with Youth Projects”, Thomas said.

Daniel was feeling prepared and was successful in moving through the recruitment process.


Hard work pays off!

After a strong performance at the assessment centre, Daniel was offered a position in corporate finance with the Victorian Public Sector, for a full-time cadetship position, while studying a Certificate 4 in Government.

After being offered the position, Daniel told Thomas that at 17, he couldn’t have dreamt of working in a high rise building for the government and the position he has gained has “exceeded my expectations of what I can achieve” and “I’m very happy with how far I’ve come … with the help of Youth Projects”.

After starting, Daniel said that his colleages were “very friendly, and I see myself here for a long time”.


Doing mum proud

Youth Projects held a congratulations afternoon tea for Daniel, his mum and sister, and they were all very appreciative of the support Youth Projects and all the Transition Coaches provided to Daniel, including the amazing employment opportunity he gained.


Daniel’s mum said,

Youth Projects changed Daniel’s life. He could barely look anyone in the eye a few years ago…and when he left school, I really wasn’t sure what was next for him. He didn’t go out of the house and became very isolated…. without Youth Projects, I don’t know where he would be. We are so grateful for the TTW team.


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