CoAct’s checklist for job success in Cairns

18 November 2019

CoAct’s checklist for job success in Cairns

This is Part Two in our three part series on Cairns employment! Here’s Part One and Part Three.

It can be hard to know what jobs to look for, but we’ve got some pointers to consider. These may also help you overcome the barriers you may face, too.


  • Talk to the experts – register with an employment services provider

CoAct have several sites across the Cairns region who are readily available to help you navigate your employment journey. Our employment consultants have a world of knowledge and are Cairns locals, so they know the ins and outs of finding local jobs and the skills you need to be able do so.


  • Think about what you need to and are willing to discuss with prospective employers

One of the questions we get asked most often is whether or not you need to disclose your disability to a potential or existing employer. Deciding whether or not to tell an employer about your illness is a personal decision and is entirely up to you. Unless it affects your ability to do the job safely, you have no legal obligation to talk to your employer about your disability. Discuss only what you see is necessary regarding your disability.


  • Be confident and don’t underplay yourself or doubt your abilities

Instead of discussing what you can’t do, focus on what you can offer and why you’re different from the other candidates.


  • Assess the time of the year

Sometimes the time of year can affect your opportunity in obtaining work. For example, peak tourism season is from June to November in Cairns, meaning that jobs in that industry, like hospitality, will be in demand and it’s a good time to apply. If it’s the low tempo period, you will be better off applying for jobs in the Cairns industries who are always growing and looking for employees year-round, like healthcare and construction.


  • Look into what interests you

There’s no use getting a job that you don’t enjoy. Do some research, see what you like, use the skillset you already have and are passionate about. Take the CoAct job quiz that guides you to figuring out what you are interested in.


  • Know the right place to look

There are so many ways to look and apply for work. Whether that be online, cold calling, or utilising your local employment service provider – put your name out into the world (see below for all the options available at your fingertips). One of the best ways to know if someone is hiring is to go directly in store. Most of the success stories that happen are directly from people being proactive and sourcing out work face to face. For a friendly place like Cairns, that personal approach works best!


  • Be confident and believe in yourself

You may think that this is an obvious point, but really believing in yourself as being confident can optimise your opportunities and chance of obtaining a job. It also puts you in the right mindset, so you stay positive in your job search – “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt.


  • Be open to working in different capacities to boost your confidence, skills and networks

Expanding your options is a good thing and may pay off in the end. Consider what jobs you could take on in the short-term that will help boost your skills, whether that be full-time, part-time or even volunteering.


  • Practice before an interview

While it might sound a little daggy, role playing with someone prior to your interview is critical. Your employment service provider can help with this, or you can practise with friends or family.

Preparation is key and will instil confidence in yourself which will go a long way in an interview

– Ian Luteru, Employment Consultant, Cairns


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