Tom’s story: Change the story

Tom’s story: Change the story

When Hannah from Interact / CoAct Employment first met Tom he was quiet but ready to get a job and work hard. “That was all I needed” explains Hannah, who worked closely with Tom to find him a role at Aurora Energy. Since then, he has exceeded all expectations and come out of his shell.

Tom’s supervisor Chris is extremely impressed with his work ethic and encourages other employers to consider making the small modifications required to employ staff living with a disability. “It been so easy with Interact. The benefit of it is so much larger than the small amount of effort that organisations need to put in place.”

Two years ago, Tom also decided to lose weight and focus on his fitness and health. Since gaining employment and pushing himself out of his comfort zone, Tom has transformed his life across multiple areas and made a profound impact on the people around him. Watch Tom’s transformational story of finding work and gaining confidence.

“It makes me feel good to perform my duties as best I can cause it feels like I am contributing to Aurora Energy in my way.” – Tom, Employee at Aurora Energy

Video Transcript:

Tom: My name is Tom and I work here at Aurora Energy.

Every day I’ll water the plants, check the dishwashers, check the kitchen amenities and the sani wipes, tissues and hand sanitizer. Then I’ll go into the stationary area and check stationary supplies are fully stocked and if that isn’t the case I order some. It makes me feel good to perform my duties as best I can because I feel like I’m contributing to Aurora Energy in my my way.

Hannah: When I first met Tom he was pretty quiet, but what he did tell me was he was ready to work and he wanted to work and that’s all I needed. And then opportunity came up with Aurora.

Chris: Yeah, made contact with Interact and they gave us a few options. Tom’s amazing! He fits in so well. Tom: I love the fact that I’m appreciated here at Aurora. When I go home, I have a good feeling about the day.

Chris: Getting somebody who’s living with a disability into your workplace is it’s a really, really small thing that a workplace can do, that from Tom’s experience anyway, can make a massive difference.

Hannah: Tom has grown in so many ways. He didn’t have a mobile phone when I first met him. Didn’t want one. But now he sends me a text and just says hey Hannah you know I’m having a really good day. Yeah he’s just come out of his shell so much it’s amazing.

Georgina: Two years ago Tom decided to lose some weight and improve his health and fitness.

Tom: I see a personal trainer twice a week and I go on my own two or three times.

Georgina: I’ve seen a huge improvement in his lifestyle, his fitness, his interaction with people and also pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

Tom: Now I’m a lot healthier and feeling more worthwhile which is something I didn’t have before I was at Interact.

Chris: It’s been so easy with Interact. The benefit of it is so much larger than the small amount of effort that organisations need to put in place.

Tom: Hannah is very very friendly. She’s always got a smile on her face and never worries me that I’m going to say anything wrong. That’s important to me because I feel like someone’s got my back. I couldn’t imagine any other way.

Hannah: Seeing how far Tom has come and the impact he’s having at work, he’s doing so well. It’s amazing.

Hannah: We truly believe at Interact that there’s a job or an opportunity out there for everyone.

Tom: Working is really good. I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.

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