Lynne’s story: Change the story

Lynne’s story: Change the story

“I was out of work for thirty years. It has been challenging but I’m getting there,” explains Lynne.

Getting back into work or changing careers can be daunting, especially for older job seekers, but with the help of DES Provider, Interact / CoAct Employment, Lynne was able to secure a work trial with Aunty Bea’s Designs. Since then her confidence has blossomed. Bernadette from Aunty Bea’s Designs feels that training someone who has been out of work long-term is worth it.

“You have to be patient; you have to give them the time to learn. In the long run you end up with a really good employee.”

Watch Lynn’s story of regaining confidence in a job she loves.

Video Transcript:

Lynne: I was out of work for 30 years. It’s been challenging, but yeah, I’m getting there. Hi, I’m Lynne and I work here at Aunty Bea’s Designs.

Terry: With Lynne, she came in and she said look, I haven’t had a job in 30 years. We looked at her strengths. So she had very very strong client service experience and she had other skills that were very important with retail. We had an employer, Aunty Bea’s Designs. We got her in for an interview, and a job trial and yeah it’s worked out great.

Bernadette: Lynne came in for an interview and we worked out that she’s been unemployed for more than 30 years. So, we started off slowly. She started to get more confident and now she works the same hours as everybody else.

Lynne: When I receive stock, I will take photos and upload them to our website and then I will price them and then I will hang them in store.

Terry: The last time Lynne worked computers weren’t the thing, so that’s something that we’re helping her with. We are about to sign her up to one of the libraries here, that offer basic computer training, so there’ll be a day a week where she’ll come in, we’ll help her again – make sure that she understands it.

Lynne: Interact has been very supportive. They’ve helped me with my resume. They’ve sent me to interviews for jobs, so that’s very helpful. That’s getting a foot in the door. So that’s how I got this job.

Bernadette: A lot of people won’t employ long-term unemployed people. With Lynne, it will be an ongoing coaching / training exercise. You have to be resilient and you have to be patient, and they’re not going to know what to do straight away. They’re not going to be familiar with computer systems, and I mean you have to give them the time to learn, and it’s worth it you know. In the long run you’ll end up with a really good employee and Lynne is definitely getting better and better as the days go on.

Terry: Lynne has changed a lot. Since she’s had the job she is a different person. More confident, a lot happier. So it makes us feel great. She’s managing her disability a lot better now as well.

Kelly: I do love working with Lynne because she’s a team player. We’ll often split tasks and it makes a big task a lot easier when we’re working together. She is just a lovely person to be around.

Lynne: In the future I can see myself here. I love working here.

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