Keith’s story: Change the story

Keith’s story: Change the story

As a jobseeker on the Autism spectrum, Keith had struggled to find a job and found it difficult applying for roles and working through the recruitment process on his own.

By teaming up with Interact / CoAct Employment, a Disability Employment Services provider, Keith was able to overcome these barriers to employment. After extensive coaching, Keith recorded a video resume that was circulated to local businesses. His energy and enthusiasm in the video resume caught the attention of the crew at Badger & Bones Café in Salisbury Heights SA, and Keith won the job!

Rosie, the Manager of Badger & Bones Café has only positive things to say about Keith. “From the very first day he started here, he had a fantastic work ethic. He is dependable, he is reliable. He is very conscientious with what he does. He is always looking to learn more and upskill.” Keith is extremely proud of the work he does at Badger & Bones Café and loves interacting with his customers. Watch Keith’s story of personal growth through meaningful employment.

Keith’s Story is part of the ‘Change the Story’ film project undertaken by Interact / CoAct Employment, to help shift thinking on differing levels of ability in the workplace.

“I feel like I’m kind of at home here at Badger & Bones Café.” – Keith, Employee at Badger & Bones

Video Transcript:

Keith: I feel like I’m kind of at home here at Badger & Bones. Whether it’s interacting with the team, serving the food, making a very nice coffee. My name is Keith Templar and I currently work at the front of house at Badger & Bones Cafe. It feels very intimidating at first because there’s a lot of responsibility on your plate, but over time you kind of get used to it and I’ve always been trying to improve myself every day. So before Interact I didn’t really have a job provider. I was pretty much just on my own, just looking for a job anywhere. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too good.

Ida: When we were approached by one of our community connections that they have a spot for five of our clients to do a video resume, we immediately thought of Keith because he would be amazing on camera.

Keith: Hi I’m Keith Templar. Thanks for watching my video resume. So currently I’m a job seeker…

Ida: He had a lot of one-on-one coaching with the film crew and that just changed his whole outlook, made him feel so much more confident. Like the whole team cried after they saw it for the first time. It was like a three-week process, and he changed and grew so much in that space.

Rosie: When we reached out to Interact they sent a few resumes through and I had a look through them. Keith’s resume came with a video resume as well. We could just tell from the beginning that he had the personality and interest in what we were doing that we were looking for.

Peter: Give him a puzzle and it might take him two minutes. Then I’ll have a go and it might take me 20 minutes or I might just throw it over the shoulder because I can’t get it, but he gets it in two minutes.

Rosie: From the very first day he started here he has a fantastic work ethic. He’s dependable, he’s reliable, he’s very conscientious with what he does. He’s always looking to learn more and to upskill, and everything. You sort of instruct him or teach him to do he takes on board and just keeps moving forward from strength to strength with that the whole time.

Steph: Keith, he’s an extraordinary worker. He’s the most easy-going person I’ve like met. He always puts in 100% effort.

Bree: Keith is such a hard worker. He’s always willing to give anything a go and customers absolutely love Keith.

Rosie: Customers interact really well with him and he’s very professional but also very sociable.

Ida: It’s amazing to see Keith so happy in his position and it wasn’t something that he would have even been open to two years ago when he came to us. It makes you feel proud as well for being part of that story and part of seeing that change come to life.

Peter: Interact has helped him with all things that he does. It’s given him that confidence to walk out the front door, right, and go and see the world.

Keith: The support from Interact I get helps me feel very confident.

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