Jake’s story: Change the story

Jake’s story: Change the story

Jake admits he had no direction in his life. He did not know who to talk to about getting a job and he was lacking in self-confidence. That was until he spoke to the team at Interact / CoAct Employment, where he was provided with disability employment support services to enable him to get a job he would love.

Jake is now an inspirational and highly valued work member of Australia Post’s Brisbane Parcel Facility in Redbank. Speaking of his role, Jake explains, “For the first time ever, I am somewhere where I get called upon to do something – and it’s done wonders for my confidence.”

Jake’s newfound confidence is most evident within his local Toastmasters International meetings. Jake uses Toastmasters to pick up new skills to help transition to his next career goal as a motivational speaker. Watch Jake’s inspirational story of overcoming bullying and low confidence and succeeding in work.

“I know what it is like to be bullied endlessly. To have doctors saying you will achieve nothing and believe it. I would like to be in a position where I can change that. I got all of that and came out the other side. It is still possible for you to as well.” – Jake, Employee at Brisbane Parcel Facility.

Video Transcript:

Jake: One night I could be loading a truck to Sydney. I could be unloading a truck from Melbourne. I could be clearing out the reject shoots and the stuff that has been spewed off the belts. There’s a lot of pressure on me, but I think I can handle it, because for the first time ever, I’m somewhere where I get called upon to do something. And that’s done wonders for confidence.

G’day, I’m Jake, I work at the Brisbane Parcel Facility here in Redbank.

Antony: We’ve got workers with various disabilities in the building and they absolutely love their job, and they’re a very valued member of our community.

Jake: I had no direction at all. I had no idea who to talk to. I couldn’t market myself. I had no self-confidence at all. That’s where the people at Interact have come in. They do the job that I can’t.

Casey: It’s been an awesome journey with Jake so far. We have a great time, and it’s just providing the little bits of support that he needs, you know, just keeping him on track with what his current goals are.

Jake: Toastmasters is where I go to learn public speaking, leadership skills, being able to lead a team.

Paul: Jake joined the City of Ipswich Toastmasters some three and a half years ago. And the night he gave his icebreaker speech, which is his first speech, his Mum and Dad came. And his Mum said to me, “thanks for having Jake in the club” and I said “no, I think he’s going to be good for us” and he has been. He’s been very good.

Jake: I use toastmasters to pick up a few skills that are going to help me transition into my next career path, which is motivational speaking.

Paul: Jake’s dream is to be a motivational speaker and help other disabled people in the community, and I think he’s at the point where he could do that. He’s got a story to tell and I think he could do it well.

Kim: Jake is an inspiration as it is. You know, to see the challenges he’s gone through. And he’s gone through the school years. He’s had the bullying and incidents that have happened there, and he’s always just risen above it. He wants to step into the world now and he wants to show people that with the right support you can achieve things.

Casey: To see Jake flourish really means everything. It’ just it goes to show that your work, it affects people’s lives and it does make a difference.

Jake: I know what it’s like to be bullied endlessly. To have doctors saying you’ll achieve nothing and believe it. I would like to be in a position where I can sort of change that, and go, I got all of that and I came out the other side. It’s still possible for you to do as well.

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