Aleesha’s story: Change the story

Aleesha’s story: Change the story

In 2019 Aleesha and her partner were involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. Aleesha’s injuries were so severe that her family was told she would probably not survive, however, Aleesha defied the odds.

Aleesha has undergone three surgeries and extensive rehabilitation to gain the ability to move again. She also suffered hearing loss and requires the use of a hearing aid.

After the accident Aleesha struggled to find a suitable job. However, with assistance from Stephanie, Recruitment Partner at Interact / CoAct Employment, Aleesha gained employment at Glen Cromie Reserve, a caravan park nestled next to the scenic Tarago River in Victoria.

“Aleesha was very motivated from the start, which makes it quite easy to work with her,” Stephanie explains. “When this opportunity came up we put her forward, gave her resume to them, liaised with the employer very closely and went to the interview with Aleesha.”

Watch Aleesha’s story of finding a job she loves.

“This is an absolute blessing to be working here. Interact have supported me the whole way through.” – Aleesha, employee at Glen Cromie Reserve.

Video Transcript:

Aleesha: Back in 2019 I was involved in a motorbike vehicle accident, where someone pulled out in front of us, and we collided into the back of a horse float. My partner was there with me at the time. We both ended up being sent straight to the Alfred Hospital, was given minimal chances of survival.

My family were told that they should go in and say goodbye. I’ve had three surgeries since the accident. I’ve also lost hearing, so now I have a hearing aid permanently in as well, and then unfortunately the main damage was my knee. During rehab I was with a physio just to gain movement. So, bending and everyday being able to walk again and things like that. Your whole life to be stopped and put on pause was a really extremely difficult thing for me, because I’m very active and very motivated to go go go all the time. I got put on to Interact and they were just amazing. They understood what I can and can’t do and what I need to be able to do. So, if I need to stand I can, if I need to go out for a walk, I can.

Stephanie: Alicia was very motivated from the start, which makes it quite easy to work with her. This opportunity came up. We put her forward, gave her resume to them. Liaised with the employer very closely. Went to the interview with Alicia. Spoke about her injuries, and how that they could support her.

Aleesha: I work at Glen Cromie Reserve. I love this place. It’s just absolutely amazing. It’s picturesque, it’s a calm environment and I get to talk to a lot of people all day, so it’s lovely. So, the tasks I do here: I start in the office and do bookkeeping, checking people in and out. I make coffees, cleaning, I also deliver firewood. Also make sure people are getting comfortable getting in and out in their sites. It is a huge responsibility being here. You’ve got to make sure customers are happy, expectations are met. Interact have supported me the whole way through. They supplied me with a sit-stand desk. If I get to a stage where my knee is hurting too much and I need to just stand, get that blood flow going again, I can put the table up. It makes my job a little bit easier and less stress on the body.

Stephanie: Aleesha a being happy in her role and doing more hours, and pretty much running the place when they’re not there – it just makes our job worthwhile. It’s so great to see that we’ve done something really special.

Aleesha: This is an absolute blessing to be working here. The people I work with are just amazing and I’ve just started now getting back into my old lifestyle. It’s slow progress but it’s a progress.

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