Giving young people the tools to succeed

The BOOST workshop was created for job seekers aged 15-21 taking part in the Transition to Work program, who have finished their study and are looking for some support as they navigate the job market.

For young people, finding their way in the world of employment can take a lot of confidence – and sometimes be the cause of a lot of anxiety. The BOOST workshop is designed to empower participants in a way that builds their confidence while giving them all the skills they need to find sustainable employment.

The workshop includes a mix of discussions, skills training and fun activities including:

  • Job search skills
  • Interview techniques
  • How to work effectively as part of a team
  • Confidence-building activities
  • Tips for managing anxiety on the job search


Survival jobs vs dream jobs

One of the most valuable additions to the workshop is the ‘survival jobs vs dream jobs’ discussion, which helps participants to understand the difference between the two types of employment. The team encourages you to work toward your ultimate goals by using survival jobs as a stepping stone to finding your dream job.


Focusing on the individual

The workshop has been a wonderful success, with an over 90% participant return rate. The small group size – this month’s workshop has just seven participants – allows the Impact team to work closely with the group so that they are able to get a real sense of the individual needs of each person.

During the course of the workshop, the team will find out each participant’s unique goals and needs in order to give them the specialised help they need to get on the right path. After the most recent workshop that help included enrolling some participants into the courses that supported their career goals, cold calling prospective employers for others, and even helping some to obtain a driver’s licence so that they could more easily find work in the future.


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