The Steve Lawrence Excellence Awards represent the motivators and ideas that Steve Lawrence founded CoAct (formerly known as Job Futures) on over 20 years ago – that when we build people up by providing quality connections and holistic support, we can activate communities.

The awards also highlight that at the coalface, frontline staff who are well-connected and focused on using innovative approaches and exceptional service delivery play a key role in addressing barriers and creating lasting impact in people’s lives.

In short, the Steve Lawrence Excellence Awards showcase the amazing talent of the frontline staff delivering employment services across the CoAct Service Partner network. Eight top-scoring Service Partner frontline staff were invited to travel to our 2-day ConnectUp conference and Gala Evening in Brisbane with compliments of CoAct.

The winners took part in a knowledge share activity during Day 2.

The winner’s panel included: 

  • May Britt-Kaspersen, Customer Experience Coordinator, Workways
  • Jenna Cameron, Workforce Solutions Consultant, Community Solutions
  • Stephanie Coleman, Performance and Partnership Leader, Worklink
  • Liam Crompton, Transition Coach, Youth Projects
  • Kiren Goel, Program Manager, Settlement Services International
  • Monique Larkin, Recruitment Partner, CHESS Connect
  • David Maxey-Fisher, Workforce Solutions Consultant, IMPACT Community Services
  • Tim Weir, Performance and Partnership Leader, Interact Australia

The panel discussion lead by CoAct’s National Employment Services Manager, Melissa Gleeson, dived deep into the high-performance habits that have driven their success, strengthened their sites and made a real impact in transforming job seeker’s lives.

They spoke about how to best support job seekers, overcoming challenges, celebrating success and more. This panel discussion had the audience captivated and was extremely uplifting with the real and raw stories that were shared – highlighting the passion that these individuals have towards their jobs.

We want to congratulate these award winners again and thank them for all their hard work, dedication and passion.

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