Chelsea studied a Diploma in Graphic Design and also a Diploma in Film, Television and Animation in Brisbane. She wasn’t having luck finding a job. So when she moved up to Prosperine, she signed up to CoAct / Community Solutions’ Disability Employment Services program. Chelsea was matched with a Recruitment Partner, Lucinda. She volunteered at her mother’s place of employment – a childcare centre – to make sure she had some work experience to speak about in applications and interviews.

Finding the right role

Chelsea was clear about the types of roles she wanted in the short term, and also what she’d wanted to work towards long-term. She doesn’t feel like she’s very good at social situations. She’s learning how to cope with them but sometimes gets nervous and doesn’t know what to say.

A fast recruitment process helped with nerves

The process to apply and interview for her current employer (Woolworths) happened fast. After some interview preparation and rehearsal with Lucinda, Chelsea did great in the interview. She was soon put to work during the 2021 Christmas rush, quickly adjusting to the supply shortages and further challenges that retailers have experienced during COVID-19.

Increasing confidence

Having Lucinda’s support to help her have difficult conversations with her manager (such as her preference for hours) has made all the difference. She’s also developing her skills in this area with coaching. Lucinda can see the immense improvements in her confidence already and she’s building some strong relationships at work.

Making her work hours work for her

As Woolworths have both day and night shifts available, Lucinda worked with Chelsea to design the best timing. She tried the day shifts to begin with but found she didn’t enjoy having people too close or the feeling of being in a crowd. She’s really happy that she’s now doing night shifts.

Chelsea’s highlights

Chelsea’s favourite parts of her role are:

  • being part of a team she connects with
  • feeling confident going to work
  • being able to manage a straightforward role.

Lucinda thinks Chelsea’s biggest wins have been:

  • confidence and self sufficiency
  • communication skills
  • ability to interact with others.

Next comes industry connections and building that all-important portfolio

Chelsea wants to pursue her graphic design career. She has experience in a lot of graphic design programs including Photoshop and Adobe. She’s also good at illustration. Lucinda continues to work with Chelsea on this goal. Lucinda has organised meetings with employers in the design industry, and is keeping her on track to complete her portfolio. As Chelsea’s a perfectionist, she’s currently working to tweak her designs from TAFE.

If you’re living with Aspergers, we can help you look for work

If you’re looking for a job and have been diagnosed with Aspergers, our Disability Employment Services program (DES) could be for you. We’ll work closely with you to understand your skills, potential and the support that you need.

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