Help to overcome challenges

As part of the Youth Projects’ Transition to Work (TtW) service, Brooke was allocated a Transition Coach who worked closely with her to understand more about her and the type of support that would be suited to Brooke’s specific needs.

Brooke and her Transition Coach worked closely together to help her develop practical skills to secure work, including:

  • Resume building
  • Job search techniques
  • Employer engagement

During the TtW program it became clear that Brooke’s social anxiety and low self-esteem was a significant barrier to her finding work, so her Transition Coach arranged for Brooke to see a local counsellor from Sunbury Community Health.

Brooke’s Transition Coach also discussed non-vocational barriers and how to address these, as well as putting her forward for:

  • Workshops run by Youth Projects, including DIY Dream Job (pre-employment workshop), and
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate

Brooke had a great attitude throughout the program and became well-known to the Youth Projects team for her humour and vibrant personality. She remained enthusiastic and engaged even when faced different obstacles along the way.


Making a difference with the right support

Brooke and her Transition Coach focused their energies on engaging with local employers. A job interview and trial with Mystic Pizza Pasta went extremely well with her potential employer providing plenty of positive feedback.

Youth Projects was able to contact Brooke’s new employer to set up a wage subsidy agreement as well as establish a relationship that would allow for ongoing post-placement support.

Following her first shift, Brooke immediately contacted her Transition Coach upset that her performance may not be up to the required standard. They immediately arranged a catch-up to debrief where Brooke agreed to visit a local youth counsellor again and return to work the next day in spite of convincing herself that she would have to quit.

Things have turned around and Brooke is now working over 20 hours a week as a valued member of the Mystic team. She is thoroughly enjoying the work she is involved in and Brooke has also gone on to be trained in the bar, as a waitress and on the pizza oven – receiving great feedback from her employer.


Brooke is a welcome addition to the Mystic Pizza and Pasta team. She gets along well with the others and is always prompt and comes in on time. Brooke approaches her work with enthusiasm and is always delightful towards everyone.

Elie – Owner, Mystic Pizza


Transition to Work

Getting help with skills, training or a foot in the job market door can be life changing for a youth job seeker. The Transition to Work program helps early school leavers and young unemployed aged 15 – 21 gain the right skills and jobs.

“I like everyone at Youth Projects, they’re all lovely. You’re always willing to help with anything and everything. The services you guys ran really helped me achieve my goals.”

Brooke – (former) Youth Job Seeker


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