Meet Tori – a positive and motivated young indigenous woman from northern New South Wales.

A very active member of the local community, Tori volunteers on a number of committees and runs her own creative art workshops to educate young women through storytelling. Whilst Tori’s proactive attitude to finding a job saw her put herself though a Certificate III in Design Fundamentals and studying a Diploma of Visual Arts, she struggled to show off her skills and abilities in job interviews in the past and was often overlooked for roles as she lacked experience. To help her along, Aboriginal Employment Services referred her to CoAct Service Partner, Uniting, to participate in the Smart, Skilled and Hired (SSH) program.

Tori wanted to find a job to make life more comfortable and for her and her two small children, but she was unsure what role would bring about a long-term sustainable lifestyle change for her family. Tori was paired with Uniting Employment Consultant Tamara, and together they identified that the first step in the right direction was to update Tori’s resume. Together, they highlighted Tori’s strengths and experience in administration employment, which led her down the path of looking for a job in administration.


When an administration job at Uniting became available, Tamara introduced Tori to her colleague Sonya, who organised her interview for the position.

Tori felt she didn’t own any suitable clothing for the interview and wouldn’t have the capacity to be able to purchase any until a few weeks after starting in the job. Tamara helped Tori in purchasing some work appropriate clothing for her interview and for her potential future job, as well as assisting with interview preparation, so Tori was confident, and looked and felt the part to be interview-ready. To give Tori the competitive edge and the best chance of success in the interview, Tamara and Sonya agreed that some additional training would be of benefit and organised for Tori to complete a Microsoft Excel accredited training unit prior to the interview, helping to bridge her administration skills gap.


Tori was successful in getting the position at Uniting and has already begun working there!

Tori is pleased with her new position as it allows her to have a great work/life balance with her kids and supports her interests in working with Indigenous families within the community.


Uniting Employment Consultant, Tamara Buckler with Tori at the recent Coffs Harbour Youth Week Festival.


** Story update **

Adding to the great news above, Tori was awarded the 2018 Young Person of the Year – Creativity Award at the recent Coffs Harbour Youth Week Festival. Congratulations, Tori!


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