Identifying employment interests

Shane first acquired coaching and mentoring from the Bridge to Work program whilst he was approaching the final stages of his studies in Certificate II Community Support. At this time, Shane had been unemployed for six months and was keen to step back into employment in order to gain financial independence following the completion of his studies.

The Bridge to Work program aims to find the best possible job prosperity and outcome for each of their customers through ongoing support and guidance. Gavin Marks, Employment Coordinator at the Bridge to Work program, worked closely with Shane by scheduling regular meetings to help identify the skills, interests and education that Shane possessed. With a desire to work and give support to his local community, Gavin identified this as an end-goal for Shane to work towards, giving him the motivation to successfully progress and continue in his career path.

Mentoring to grow job search skills

Dedicated to showcasing Shane’s potential, Gavin helped Shane tailor his resume for specific job applications, highlighting his key skills and education in order to allow him to stand-out to potential employers. Through one-to-one coaching and mentoring from the Bridge to Work program, Shane was able to develop digital skills to use online job applications portals, giving him the independence and confidence to apply for jobs now and in the future.

With an end-goal in mind, Shane persevered in searching for employment by reaching out to various community organisations where he could put his education and skills to use.


Success through persistence and motivation

Never disheartened, through persistence and motivation, Shane secured a traineeship for nine months with Rehab Management. Shane noted, “I am delighted with my placement with Rehab Management, although the hours are challenging, I am gaining fantastic experience. Gavin and the staff from the Bridge to Work program are always on hand for advice and support, which gives me a sense of belief and belonging”.

Shane is now currently working four days per week with Rehab Management and is gaining the desired experience needed to help him reach his end-goal of becoming a Community Support Worker. The Bridge to Work program is continually providing support and guidance to help Shane reach his end-goal.


About Bridge to Work

Bridge Housing – an award-winning community housing provider in metropolitan Sydney has partnered with employment services provider CoAct to bring you Bridge to Work. The Bridge to Work program is available to Bridge Housing tenants aged 17 – 60 and aims to provide intensive case management and one-on-one support to assist and motivate tenants in their search for work.

The Bridge to Work team works with Bridge Housing tenants to help develop their work-readiness and support them as they transition into the workforce. If you’re a Bridge Housing tenant and would like to find work you can register your interest online at, or contact your housing manager for a referral.

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