You can imagine Ben’s excitement when he finished studying for his IT certificate. But, somewhere along the way, he lost his way. The job hunt seemed too hard. He’d lost motivation to work. A planning session with his CoAct / Worklink team got things going. Along with some work experience from an understanding employer, who quickly saw Ben’s potential and offered him a role.

Ben became empowered and he took charge of his life

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a push in the right direction. Ben worried that employers would think his qualification was out of date. But the team were able to show him that he had stayed in step with technology through his personal life. This was because Ben loves gaming and had spent lots of his personal time on the computer. And, although his qualifications were old, the basis of what he’d studied was still relevant.

Evolving into a winning candidate, Ben found what he needed to stand up and change

To get his career on track, the team started giving Ben tasks to improve his confidence. He also had an employability revamp – from interview clothes to a haircut and beard trim, funded by CoAct / Worklink Cairns. Michelle knocked on doors with Ben. Michelle had a level of tenacity to market Ben’s potential. There’s not many computer shops or IT employers in the area, but Michelle and Ben did the rounds. They found an employer who was open to taking Ben on. He first gave Ben two weeks of training and work experience before offering him a role which he started the very next day, “I can see something in Ben, I reckon I can train him” said Thomas of TJ Micro. His role is in IT support. He’s now been there for over ten months. He’s working on increased hours in a permanent part-time role. That’s 32 hours a week for 3 months. This is likely to go full time after the trial.

Two workplace awards won and helping customers directly… it’s fair to say Ben’s doing great.

“Ben is a great fit for our team and this industry. Thanks to the help of Worklink, we have a very valuable member of our team,” says his employer.

Ben’s workplace has a ritual where they need to stand up and say a success, business or personal each fortnight. His success has won the fortnightly awards twice. The increase in his hours means he’s talking to clients to troubleshoot their issues. Getting out of bed early every single morning when he’s never worked is a great achievement in itself. Each day he has turned up and faced his fears. He’s increasing his skills and learning so much. His next goal is to go full time.

Ben’s rounding out his life with some fitness

From a sedentary lifestyle, Ben now walks to and from his CoAct / Worklink post-placement interviews, in tropical North Queensland in the middle of summer! Walking 3.5km each way in stifling humidity is commendable. We say well done on getting fit, Ben. There’s never a bad time to start.

Ben encourages people to ‘take a chance’ to turn their life around.

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