Am I eligible for Disability Employment Services?


You might be eligible for DES if you’re: 

  • living with a mental health condition, treated illness, injury or disability that makes it difficult to find and keep a job. This includes living with anxiety or depression, a physical or intellectual disability, learning difficulties, visual or hearing impairment
  • an Australian citizen or hold a permanent resident, or on a Temporary Protection, Special Category or Safe Haven Visa
  • aged between 14 and 65 and older than the minimum legal working age in your state or territory. Find out more about your legal working age.
  • able to work at least 8 hours per week and no more than 30
  • are receiving an income support payment, with a few exceptions. 

your DES provider  

You can choose any DES Provider in your areahere are some tips for choosing right one. Look for a provider that: 

  • understands your unique health concerns 
  • takes time to get to know your career goals 
  • helps you identify your abilities, skills and strengths 
  • learns about the challenges youve had at work or looking for work 
  • finds you the right employment opportunities in your area. 


Why choose CoAct as your DES service provider? 

We start by getting to know you face-to-face and taking time to understand your needs and ambitions. You’ll meet with one of our friendly employment consultants in your area wholl get to know your personal circumstances. They’ll then put together a job plan that’s right for you. 

Our team understands disability and will work hard to help you find a jobWe’ll connect you with medical professionals, employers and training opportunitiesWe’ll also guide you on how to look for jobs and help you build your confidence. 

And, don’t worry, we don’t stop supporting you when you’ve got a job. We’re here for you during the first twelve months of your new role and check in often to help you grow and thrive. 

“Everything about it – the communication, friendliness, the effort that the employment consultant actually puts in to help you find a job, just overall has been a really great experience.” 


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