Our Values

CoAct’s national network of dedicated professionals share a passion for living our company values every day.

Our values

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
  • Collaboration: We believe in ‘the power of many’
  • Creativity: Challenging ourselves to innovate by always thinking differently
  • Respect: We value all those we work with and the contribution they make
  • Integrity: The confidence to act fairly, ethically and openly in all that we do

Our purpose

We believe that sustained employment transforms lives.


CoAct was formed to assist the most vulnerable in our communities to successfully move out of poverty and disadvantage by developing their supports, capabilities and securing sustainable employment.

Our means

We work with employers, partners and all who share our passion


While our purpose remains true to this day, we know our effectiveness is amplified when we collaborate with committed Service Partners and build relationships founded on deep, shared value.

Open the door to a world of collaboration

When you want to see a transformation in your life, your family, your business or your community, talk to CoAct and experience the ‘power of many’.


The value we bring is that we are a door to a diverse and innovative world of collaborators who help you solve your challenges and your community’s simultaneously.

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