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CoAct helps people reconnect with their communities & the workforce. View the CoAct Impact reports and 20 years of CoAct video to discover how we’ve helped over three quarters of a million Australians change their lives.

“Change can seem very slow when you are in it, but when you look back over time you see utter transformation.” – Jenni Mack, Chair, CoAct

Proven track record

CoAct has a reputation for successfully working with some of the most disadvantaged people and communities in Australia.

Since we began, CoAct has acted on the streets, in boardrooms and at the policy table to create new connections, opportunities and programs to help people reconnect with their communities and the workforce.

In 20+ years of being changemakers and inspiring others to be changemakers, we’ve helped over 750,000 people and it’s a number that’s growing every day.

Download the latest CoAct Impact Report to explore some highlights and discover how we’ve helped over three quarters of a million Australians change their lives.


Strengthening communities

CoAct’s real impact is found in the transformation of people’s lives through sustained employment, and the positive flow-on effects this has in the community.

Then there’s our collective impact, sharing ideas across our network to positively impact more and more lives across the country.


Working with communities in remote, regional and metropolitan areas

  • CoAct understands that each community has its own unique challenges which stimulates new thinking.
  • We invest in community programs which are sometimes unfunded, but which deliver essential services that would not otherwise exist
  • We work closely with local communities to find new ways to help and discover better ways of delivering and funding existing services
  • Pilot programs are then carefully planned, connected with partners, resourced and track


It might be we learn that Indigenous job seekers experience a higher success rate when they are a paired with an indigenous mentor. Or we might create a training program that uses at-risk boys’ love of smash-up derbies to teach them the panel beating trade and get them off the streets.

Our national reach allows us to share our knowledge. So, if it works in Perth, it might work in Brisbane – and it’s our job to see if it does!


Making change happen

CoAct’s ability to innovate has been made possible by listening closely and identifying the needs and strengths of our job seekers, tailoring the assistance we provide and collaborating with our partners to make change happen.


If you have an idea, program or service to make an impact in communities across Australia then we would love to hear from you.

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