A rewarding journey for Ken

18 March 2019

A rewarding journey for Ken

With the help of Brad and the team at IMPACT in Bundaberg, 36 year old Ken* – an Indigenous job seeker – overcame his shyness, completed a conservation and landcare management traineeship and found full-time employment as a sea ranger at Gidarjil.

Every journey begins with a single step

When the team at CoAct Service Partner, IMPACT, met Ken, he was 36 years old and had been on the job hunt for a long time. Ken was extremely shy, with a timid personality and found it difficult to communicate with others. When the IMPACT team discovered that Ken enjoyed working with his hands and hoped to work outdoors they supported him through a Conservation and Landcare Management Traineeship.

Giving Ken the tools to succeed

Once Ken had successfully completed the traineeship, it was time to get him ready to join the workforce. The team helped Ken create a resume, taught him some interview techniques to help build his confidence, and mentored him through the job application process. The team were also able to provide financial assistance which allowed Ken to purchase interview clothing and protective clothing for the job, as well as helping with the cost of fuel while travelling for job interviews.

Ken finds success at Gidarjil

The recruitment team at Gidarjil could see Ken’s potential and offered him a full-time position as a sea ranger. He has been working in the position for some time now and they are thrilled with his progress in the role so far. They say that Ken is a hard worker, and that he gets better and better as his confidence grows.

The future looks bright

Ken is enjoying the role and has become much more outgoing and confident as a result of his success at Gidarjil. He is very happy to have financial independence after so many years relying on welfare to get by, and is looking forward to building on the skills he has already learned in the role. Ken intends to continue working at Gidarjil and hopes to one day become a supervisor.

The IMPACT team are so happy that Ken has found his place, with Ken’s employment consultant stating,

Customers like Ken remind us to never give up. Sometimes the job seekers we work with can’t see the potential they possess and we need to show them how much they can achieve.

Ready to embark on your own job seeker journey?

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