The Pipeline Employability Training Opportunities program was born when the team at Community Solutions saw the opportunity to highlight the potential that Indigenous job seekers in the area can offer to businesses.


Supporting job seekers to succeed

  • The Pipeline program provides Indigenous job seekers with a range of supports to assist with their employment journey, including:
  • Regular contact with program-specific dedicated staff
  • Career advice
  • Mentoring
  • Resume help
  • Industry-specific training and qualification opportunities that match job seekers’ skills and interests, with Indigenous trainers and culturally-appropriate training environments
  • Occupation-specific clothing support whilst participating in training activities


Great results

Since the program began a few months ago, Community Solutions have held four Hospitality-specific ‘Pipelines’ in Rockhampton and Gladstone and one Support Services Pipeline, with excellent participation rates ranging from 95 – 100 percent attendance.

Work experience and job opportunities have flowed-on from the Pipelines, with one Support Services Pipeline participant gaining full-time employment as an administration support officer. Participants of the Hospitality Pipelines took on work experience across various locations, with staff impressed at participants’ skills, knowledge and work presentation ethics.


“I have new skills and wonder why I didn’t do something like this before.”


Attitude to succeed Participants have really welcomed the new program, reporting they feel enthusiastic and work-ready. Job seekers have been keen to discuss future Pipelines and training opportunities, with plenty of expressions of interest.

“I really enjoyed this training the setting was comfortable, and I felt as ease with learning.”

“I am ready to work and thank you for giving me this opportunity.”


Helping drive real outcomes

The Pipeline program is just one piece of the puzzle helping job seekers to find and keep the right job sooner and move towards financial independence and self-sufficiency. If you or someone you know is looking for tailored job search support from a provider that understands your unique needs, why not try a CoAct Service Partner like Community Solutions?

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can help you, or find your nearest Service Partner here.

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