Owen had been with his previous employment services provider for years. Bouncing between work experience placements yet never securing a job.

But things were about to change for Owen after joining CoAct Service Partner, Interact Australia, where the South Australian was able to get a clean start. Interact Australia’s Recruitment Partner, Rebecca Mayne, met with Owen and set about providing support through the Disability Employment Services (DES), Employment Support Service (ESS) program.

Rebecca worked closely with Owen to develop a plan tailored to his needs. This included practical job search advice as well as help looking for suitable jobs in his local area including how to target suitable employers. Within a month of joining Interact Australia, Owen secured an internship with Cinderella’s – a local cleaning services company.


In even more good news, Owen has learned that his employer is able to offer him further employment at Cinderella’s once his internship comes to an end.

CoAct and our Service Partners offer a range of customised services for job seekers and employers, with plenty of ongoing support once someone starts work too. Rebecca drove Owen to his first day of work to make sure he was all set for his new job and that everything was in place to give him the best chance of success.

Building a great relationship with employers is important and Rebecca and the Interact team also worked closely with Cinderella’s Cleaning Services to advise on available funding and support as well as ensure the job matched Owen’s abilities.

Rebecca says that since starting his placement, Owen has gained a new level of self-confidence. Owen and his family are thrilled that Rebecca and Interact Australia have been so supportive in helping him secure a placement.

“We were not expecting me to find work so quickly – it’s only been 4 weeks! It’s great to have someone actually care and do their job.”


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