Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a job interview! Your well-written resume and enthusiasm has gotten you to this point and now the job interview will ultimately decide if you get the job.

Job interviews can be scary, especially if you’ve never had one before, but there’s no need to stress – you’ve got this! To help you prepare I’ve compiled a list of 4 things I learnt from my recent job interviews:


  1. First impressions matter

Your job interview starts as soon as you walk into the building, so definitely do not be late! First impressions are so important, the business wants to know what type of person they could potentially be hiring and this is more important that anything written on your resume or any previous work experience. Be happy and friendly to everyone, first impressions can ultimately affect the outcome of the interview.


  1. Know as much as you can

Find out as much about the job you are going for before the interview, this will show the hiring manager that you are proactive and keen to be given the job. Often you will get asked job-specific questions in the interview, so it’s important that you’re aware of the description and specifics for the role you are applying for. Contacting the business before the interview to find out its structure was a step that I took before my last interview, which I am so glad I did, because I wasn’t shocked when a component of the interview turned out to be a group consultation. So prior contact can be a good idea if you’re unsure about anything in relation to the interview, the job description or the business and will also highlight that you are taking the initiative and are enthusiastic about getting the job.


  1. Be ready for off-the-wall questions

Although you may have researched and know everything you possibly can about the job and the company, be prepared for some outlandish questions. It’s impossible to prepare for every question that a hiring manager may ask you so take a moment to pause and think about your answer before you reply. In my most recent job interview I was asked ‘if I could be any food what would I be and why?’ which I definitely did not prepare for! Just remember to try and make your answer as relevant to the job as possible and let your personality shine through.


  1. Don’t stress!

I know it seems impossible to be able to stay relaxed during a job interview, but do not stress and be confident in yourself and your ability. Answer every question in a way that showcases your proactive attitude and passion, this is more important to potential employers than previous job experience.


If you are unsuccessful in getting the job, don’t be upset, there are lots of other jobs out there to suit you! The interview process is an important experience and will help you be better prepared for next time. It may be a good idea to contact the business for specific feedback on your interview to build your skills to make sure you nail the next one.


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